What the Experts Say

Lefty Fly-casting Book

“Barry is an experienced and professional guide who I would recommend to anyone.”

– Lefty Kreh (The Godfather, Author, Lecturer,…)
Lefty Kreh – Solving Fly-casting Problems

LLBean Saltwater Fly-Fishing Handbook - Lefty Kreh

“To Capt. Barry,
I ‘m tickeled that you are on the front cover of my book.
All the Best,
Lefty Kreh”

LL Bean Saltwater Fly-fishing HandBook

Lou Tabory Inshore Fly Fishing

“Capt. Barry Kanavy’s knowledge and skill of Northeast fly fishing offers the angler a rare opportunity to experience fly fishing the way it should be, qualifications like this can only come from years of experience and time on the water. I would recommend Barry to anyone, novice or expert.”

– Lou Tabory (The Guru, Author, Lecturer)

Pop Fleyes

“Capt. Barry is one of the most personable and knowledgeable guides I have had the pleasure of fishing with. For a totally enjoyable day on the water you won’t want to miss this guy”


– Bob Popovics (Innovator, Lecturer)
Bob Popovics – Pop Fleyes

Nick Curcione Orvis Book

“My fishing time is precious to me, don’t waste it, fish with the best. Barry is simple a ‘top notch’ fly fishing guide.”

– Nick Curcione (Author, Lecturer, Pro)
Nick Curcione – Saltwater Fly-Fishing

tom Fly Fishing Tidewaters

“There is no substitute for experience. Angling skills and seamanship can only come from time on the water. Barry is in a class of his own; he is one of the top saltwater fly fishing guides today.”

– Tom W. Earnhardt (Author)
Tom Earnhardt – Fly fishing Tidewaters

moon pulled up an acre of bass

“Capt. Barry consistently puts me into fish, he’s fun to fish with and truly a master guide of the northeast flats fishing.”

– Peter Kaminsky (Author, Outdoor writer – New York Times)
Peter Kaminsky – The Moon Pulled Up An Acre of Bass

On the Run: An Angler's Journey Down the Striper Coast

“You will not find a more talented, personable, and knowledgeable fly fishing guide than Capt. Barry. There’s a reason he’s the guy I call when I have a free day.”

– David DiBenedetto (Author, Editor – Field & Stream)
David DiBenedetto – On The Run – An Angler’s Journey Down The Striper Coast

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